Helping Offline Businesses


“Keeping you in FRONT Of  Your Customers,
and AHEAD of your Competition” 


“Who needs Public Relations,
when you have communication at the speed of light”
– DynamicMike


Social Media now is used by YOUR customers as part of their daily habits.

The fact is; more and more people are coming online everyday, and with the advent of new technology such as advanced iphones and ipads, YOUR customers can now be searching the web from the pub or the bus to work.

Indeed, statistics are proving that YOUR customers would rather trust their Social-Networking friends for advice & information than Google and other Search Engines.

It is now up to you to ensure that YOUR business has exposure in all of the major Social Networking outlets.

Speedy  responses to enquiries, Reputation Protection, tidying comments, updating with news, new products & services you have available etc.

Our practice is very simple…

  • We train YOU to take care of your Social Media exposure
  • We take care of your Social Media exposure and allow YOU to do what you do best
  • We train individuals looking for a career move, to take care of your Social Media exposure for you

It’s leverage at it’s best, you choose how much or how little you do yourselves, and simply outsource the technical or tedious stuff to us.








Social Media Management is ‘Reputation Management’




Reputation Management

So what does a good Social Media Manager do for a client?

Ultimately, Reputation Management is HIGHLY important, and therefore it is important that you select a Social-Media-Manager that you can trust to be seen as the perfect Ambassador for your business.

Your Social Media Manager will:


– Delete spam comments

– Offer Speedy & courteous responses where appropriate

– Clean up your Facebook wall & get rid of rubbish ‘applications’.

– Find Twitter friends in appropriate markets.

– Offer to help those searching for solutions (that coincidentally is in the market that is already selling YOUR products & services).

and much much more.

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