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SEO and Social Media is our passion


We Create Awesome Stuff

As Online Marketing Specialists, we are focused on helping you to Attract and Communicate with your ideal customers using THEIR preferred method of communication.

Web Development

SEO-clever, Mobile-friendly, Social-Media-Optimised, WordPress Websites are our speciality.

Internet Marketing

Having generated our First Income Online TWO YEARS BEFORE Google started, we now have more than TWO DECADES of experience and wisdom to bring to the table.

Tools and Resources

We are consistently investing in the absolute latest tools and technology, and now have more resources than ANY other company that we know of, all designed to help YOUR business get noticed online using the most efficient leverage available in 2017

How We Work

We like to consider that every client is individual, and as we have more tools and resources than any other company that we know of, we can tailor our packages to suit YOUR unique needs.


This is the one word that we hear from our clients daily…


The number of innovative tools and creations that are constantly evolving daily, is quite mind-boggling, and we are constantly investing in almost all of them.


Probably our main strength, is being creative, and taking advantage of all of the tools in our arsenal to help YOU get noticed online!


Tweaking, Testing, Monitoring, and Reporting


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.

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CEO & Founder

Jessica Specter

Creative Director

Andrew Miles


Lynda Smith


We want to HELP
YOUR Business Get Noticed Online

Your customers are easily distracted, and they need to see your business a number of times in different locations in order to become comfortable before buying.

What’s Next for 2017?

If you’re not constantly changing, then your customers will stop noticing you!

There is no doubt about it, the pace of evolution has been fantastic since SEO, Social Media and Smart Mobile Phones, and we are LOVING being at the forefront of this revolution.


We Are Here For You

SEO and Social Media has evolved at a VERY rapid pace in 2017, and we have invested in more resources than ANY other business that we know of…

Whatever the size of your business, we are confident that we can add to your bottom line within 30 days.


Significant WordPress Expertise

WordPress is the world’s largest website development platform, recognised to be the most robust and powerful environment for your website.
We have built more than 700 wordpress websites.

  • Responsive design
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • SEO-clever
  • Template development
  • Rich media banners
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Content creation
  • Content audit
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

With more than TWO decades of experience in generating income online.

Mike Berry has spoken around the world on the Internet Marketing Platform.
He hosted the first ever Internet Summit in Scotland (2004)
He continues to generate 100% of his income online.

  • Facebook ads
  • SEO and SEM
  • Facebook apps
  • Context advertising
  • Rich media banners
  • Mobile Apps
  • Content creation
  • Testing

Facebook Marketing has evolved beyond recognition in 2017

We have consistently invested in Facebook Marketing tools and software to help YOUR business get noticed online.

  • Covertly grab the fan’s FB contact details
  • Attract and Communicate with fans (without having to pay FB to ‘boost’ your posts)
  • Send direct messages to all fans via the free FB Messenger app
  • Send direct ‘notifications’ and redirect anywhere you want
  • Traditional email marketing still works, but the open rate is less than 4% whereas FB messenger open rate is near 100% and usually within the first hour.
  • FB and Messenger enjoy 100% UP time and ALL messages are delivered promptly
  • Our apps are Approved and Authorised by Facebook

Blow Your Customers Away with THE most powerful PERSONALISATION tool ever.

We know that marketing and the way that we communicate has evolved.
Your customers want to know that you Care and that the message is unique to them.
We also know that VIDEO is the main media these days, so why not combine Video with Personalisation…

  • Facebook app approved
  • Every customer sees Their own Unique image and name
  • We can personalise ANY video
  • Unlimited images and Call-to-Action links
  • Add to website and/or as tab on FB fanpage
We Are DesignersWe Are ProgrammersWe Are CodersWe Are DevelopersWe Are CreativeSearch Engine OptimisationSocial Media Lovers

— Turn around your business within one month —

Your Work is Our Play

Some Recent Projects

We simply LOVE creating and installing the absolute latest technology to improve your online marketing.

Personalised Videos

Recent Examples of Personalised Videos


We Aim To Create Raving Fans (for you and us)

Back in 2010, our Founder and Principal Mike Berry was living in the south of Spain and it occurred to him that most of his clients were not taking advantage of the Facebook Fanpage he had set up for them, so he created a 15 month strategy to implement and DOMINATE one Social Media Platform per month.


Attract raving fans & followers naturally


Communicate with your clients & customers via THEIR preferred mode of connection

Test + Tweak

Split Test, Monitor, Review and Enhance (constantly)


Viral Sharing, Raving Fans, First Page Ranking

We have all of the tools and resources, and a complete SEO and Social Media strategy to guide you through to complete online nirvana.

Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us


We’re more proud of the RESULTS we have achieved for our clients, and we would love YOU to be equally as delighted.

Our Skills

Our Main Skills

We also employ a number of outsourcers to do the more complex or mind-numbing tasks that we don’t enjoy doing, so whatever your business needs, we can help!

We have more than two decades of experience of earning online, and we are still as buzzed and excited today with this constantly evolving environment.

We don’t know anyone else who has invested in as many tools and resources designed specifically to help YOUR business get noticed online, and we know how to tailor it specifically for your unique business needs.

We can’t wait to prove to you that this works!!

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